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Lone Stag Spirit Infusions awarded eight Great Taste Awards. Proudly made by hand in tiny eight litre batches, using the finest natural fruits, herbs and spices. Authenticity is key, we believe that mastery includes sourcing the finest quality ingredients combined with traditional methods, including filtering, bottling and labelling by hand. Our collection of ultra premium spirits are created using age-old methods and family recipes. 


A little goes a long way with our Lone Stag handmade award-winning spirit fruit infusions. Perfect for adding a splash of flavour to your favourite fizz or gin and tonic.  A great hip flask filler for winter walks or for a cheeky tipple at the rugby. You can even drizzle over ice cream or pancakes. 


We have positive sustainability credentials too repurposing our fruit by-product into our truffles & preserves!

Raspberry & Rose Collage No Credits.jpg
GT 20 2-star_1600692943.jpg

I wanted to design something fragrant for bubbles, we were super excited to win two Great Taste stars. Infusing the best organic Herefordshire farm raspberries infused in vodka and adding some delightful floral with organic Rose Otto. This beautiful rose fragrance is divine, it takes thousands of petals to make just a few drops. We were so thrilled to win two stars at The Great Taste awards for this little number.

Nose: An interesting and welcome alternative to cassis for a Kir royale. Summer roses on the nose, savoury vegetal notes are well balanced with floral perfume and fruit. A delicious, well considered infusion.
Palate: A fresh, natural smelling, raspberry aroma. The flavour does not disappoint either, both the raspberry and the rose oil give punch, but in genuine harmony with each other and the spirit.
Finish: What could so easily have been aggressive and unbalanced is fragrant, flavoursome and intense, and beautifully balanced.
ABV: 20%

Add a splash to your bubbles, enjoy alongside a carpaccio and rocket salad.. or if you fancy something sweet, a fresh berry pavlova, topped with fresh mint leaves. 

Zesty Collage No Credits.jpg

My first own recipe, this citrus wonder was made to take to the school PTA winter fundraiser, we sold out! Do you know what PTA stands for? Pass The Alcohol! We hand cut 72 zested fruits per eight litre batch, that's a lot of work.. Pheww, all the zest is cut by hand, very, very thinly, no pith here, it makes the spirit very bitter.. We won our first Great Taste award for this one! I did Blub!!

Nose: Intoxicating mix of citrus aromas. 
Palate: Good acidity and flavour combination - you can taste all the different fruits. It has a great home-made appeal. 

Finish: Sparkly and lively, clean bright citrus finish! 
ABV: 19.5%

Enjoy over ice topped up with lemonade or tonic with a sprig of fresh mint, alongside some blinis with smoked salmon, crème fraiche and dill - simply delish! 

Black and Coffee Collage Final.jpg
GT 19 1-star_1600693303.jpg

I met Mungo at the Great Taste Awards where he he and his friend John had won a Great Taste Award too for their delicious small batch coffee. Mungo asked if we could swap products, he had some gin from me and I had some of his coffee. I said “I will have to make something boozy with this".. And that's where this cheeky, lively combo came from. Organic Blackcurrants and Mungos Colombian Coffee, infused in Gin.. It too won a Great Taste Award. Well done Mungo, 
a great character who has sadly passed away. This infusion is dedicated to him.   

Nose: The aroma is of intensely rich blackcurrants and there is little spike from the coffee to give it real intrigue.
Palate: Plenty of jammy fruit flavours come through with chocolate notes balanced with a sharpness to keep it fresh.
Finish: A very well-balanced fruit liqueur richly delicious and well made.
ABV: 16.1%

Add a  shot of this to favourite your bubbles and enjoy alongside a warm wild duck and orange salad. 

Raspberry &  Lime Gin Infusion

Raspberry & Lime Collage.jpg


My Grandma Noreena’s recipe, using the glut of raspberries from the family farm, she would pop them in Kilner jars along with Gin and would pop them in the pantry for Christmas drinking.. We won a Great Taste award for this one. Grandma would be pleased as punch, I know how she would celebrate! New shoes and a bag.. 


Nose: Lovely scent of pure, soft raspberries on the nose alongside gin aromatics. 

Palate: The judges loved the quality raspberry flavour that really did last, summer in a glass. 

Finish: It is well balanced, not too sweet, delicious.

ABV: 19.5%



Enjoy as a long drink by adding a shot over ice topped up with tonic. Then enjoy alongside the best Italian prosciutto with goats cheese, seared nectarine and rocket ..  

Strawberry & Wild Mint Gin Infusion

Strawberry & Mint Collage.jpg
GT 22 2-star_1658999557 (1).jpg

I wanted to design something that would be quintessentially British with a Rock Star edge, summer fun lovin in a glass just add lemonade and fruit for a summer punch festival..
The stadium events team asked us to design some Lone Stag Spirits for their summer concert line ups, Beyonce, Justin Beiber and Pink! I thought this would work well. Using the best organic British strawberries and wild mint from the garden, with a hint of black cracked pepper we created a little Rock Star!

Nose: Vibrant summer strawberries on the nose with the subtle scent of fresh mint.
Palate: Sweet full flavour strawberries, balanced with the delicate mint the blackpepper offering warmth and complexity .
Finish: Smooth, fruity and full of flavour, a luscious tipple tempting summer sunshine. 
ABV: 15.5%

Add a splash to your bubbles in a vintage champagne glass with a strawberry garnish! 
Why not serve this little tipple to your besties along with some good rustic pizza! Easy peasy! To finish, fresh strawberries dipped in Belgian chocolate! 

Raspberry & Rosebud Gin Infusion

Raspberry & Rose Gin Collage.jpg
GT 22 2-star_1658999557 (1).jpg

We were asked by our gorgeous customers to create a Gin version of our award-winning Raspberry & Rosebud Vodka infusion. So of course we did! Here is that version which is packed full of juicy raspberries infused in the best London Dry Gin and anointed with floral organic Rose Otto. It is truly scrumptious!

Nose: Fruity, floral wafts of raspberry with delicate rose. 
Palate: Opulent and moreish raspberries, with the exquisite aromatic notes of rose. 
Finish: luxurious raspberry and rose in perfect harmony, summer kiss!
ABV: 29%

Pop a shot of this in your favourite bubbles.

Cherry & Black Pepper Gin Infusion

Cherry and Pepper Collage No Credits.jpg
GT 18 1-star_1600693539.jpg

We love fresh cherries, I wanted to design something different which would really go well with cheese, another one of my favourites, this is something a little different, warmed with organic Tellicherry black pepper this fruity infusion packed with best Herefordshire farm red cherries, just a hint of hand cut zest of limes from our local market infused in Gin. It won a Great Taste award!
Nose:  The nose is packed full of fresh lime oil, dried hops, baked plum and a really clever meld with the complementary Tellicherry peppercorns.
Palate: Fresh ripe dark red cherries, floral notes and a long and lingering pepper finish. 
Finish: Complex and intriguing, bright character with stone fruit and pepper aromas leaping out of the glass, slightly sour juiciness balancing the sweetness on the palate. Unusual, really quite delightful!

Superb over ice topped up with tonic enjoy with a roquefort and pear salad and warm croutons. For something sweet try a good glug of our Cherry & Black Pepper infusion in your Americano paired with with our Lone Stag Cherry Gin Truffles. We have an amazing Lone Stag Cherry Frisky Fruit which pairs very well indeed with a good dollop of baked Camembert loaded onto fresh crusty bread. Yum. 

Cranberry & Seville Orange Gin Infusion

Cranberry & Orange Collage.jpg


Something magical for Christmas, I designed this infusion recipe during our Lone Stag residency pop up bar, in the majestic Cardiff Castle, inspired to create a multi use product, for the cold winter season ahead. The dreaded covid was upon us and we were restricted to outside hospitality at the castle, we had the most fabulous spot, in the grounds overlooking the Ancient Keep and Castle with its gorgeous William Burgess interior. We were honoured indeed, to serve our spirit infusions here for 18 months! This mele of Cranberry and Orange infused in gin, is so versatile, and is a great hit especially in the autumn, winter season.. This will warm you up!



Nose: Unmistakable orange and morishly fruity

Palate: Fresh and natural decadent orange and juicy cranberry and balanced with gin botanicals and fragrant aromatics.

Finish: Long full of character,  fulfilling and of great length

ABV: 11.3%


This little beauty is so versatile, absolutely scrummy in your Americano, along with Cranberry & Orange Chocolate truffles for a cheeky little elevenses. This is also delish mulled... add a good glug of the infusion along with chopped, apple, orange to mulled Belvoir winter punch, it is so moreish.

Also, I feed my Christmas cake with it, which is really special, it makes it orangey, gooey, and utterly scrumptious. 

Black Mulberry Spiced Rum Infusion

Mulberry Rum Collage.jpg
GT 22 1-star_1658999557 (1).jpg


One of our clients asked us to make a Rum infusion. We embraced the local myths and legends of the Glamorgan heritage coast, rich in tales of piracy, shipwrecks and hauntings and inspired by these chilling stories of local thieves, vagabonds and coastal..we created our Black Mulberry Spiced Rum.  I wanted to create a rich rum and raisin type of flavour, this one was the one we choose to launch. It's made with organic black mulberries, and zest from Jaffa oranges, warmed with best quality aromatic spices, such as freshly grated nutmeg, organic cinnamon and cloves.  



Nose: Rich and fruity with a hit of Christmas spice.

Palate: Rich, smooth and decadent with molasses, fruity raisins balanced with orange and elevated with a medley of aromatic spices.

Finish:Sensational dark and lavish with a long finnish of scrumptious frutiness, harmonising well with comfort of orange and cinnamon the uplifting zing of clove and nutmeg delivers strength depth a festive feast of frivolity!

ABV: 22.4%


Gently warm a heaped tablespoon of raisins in the pan with 50ml of Mulberry spiced rum and drizzle over your vanilla ice cream.

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